2014 Chevrons Management Round Table Conference Essay

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The event that took place May 20, 2014 chevrons Management Round Table conference was a significant event. The conference covered current and future projects and there estimated cost/principle vales as well as future values. The conference began with their leading North American Positions. Starting with San Jaquan Valley nearly 177 MBOED making Chevron the largest producer in California. Also Mid-Continent 226 MBOED making them the second largest in the Permian with 1.9 MM net acres. The next three Canada at 71 MBOED, Appalachian/Michigan 38 MBOED being one of the largest producers and leaseholders all gives chevron a leading drive. Now like any project, Startup capital is needed. Chevron classified the two projects during this event as project 13, and 10. A collective set of projects across North America estimated to cost a little less than one billion dollars. Three of which st to start up in the Gulf of Mexico. Jack/St. Malo planned to start in 2014 with the capacity to have 177 MBOED and 4 wells ready to start up. Next is Big Foot planned to start- up in 2015 with a capacity of 79 MBOED and 2 well. Third being Tubular Bell project with operator forecast 3 quarter 2014 start-up with 44 MBOED gross production. With these projects in play chevron is well positioned for long-term growth. The prolific petroleum basin is 9 billion BOE and the significant resource potential is amazing with 24 billon BOE discovered and roughly 14 billion future discoveries. Where chevron is…

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