Essay 21st Century Is The Richest Information Age

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21st century is the richest information age. Science and technology are developing at an astonishing speed, which lead to the change of the organization structure, the market environment, and the relationship of people. The change of the world gives us unlimited of new opportunities in business. In the same time, management challenges arise. This book try to mix the successful management and humanity to reach the successful result for organization’s goal.
Challenges in Competition We know globalization offers opportunities for companies to enhance their competitiveness, to increase revenues, to attract new customers, to gain access to resources, and to spread the business risk by expanding outside their domestic markets. Combined with globalization, competition is becoming increasingly fierce in almost every industry. Change is everywhere. An organization can survive only if they make enough changes (in aspects of marketing, manufacturing, production, distribution, etc.) to gain competitive advantage in this information era. An example: Samsung was an influential company in cell phone industry, digital TVs and other electric machines, back then, now, millions of lives and touched by Samsung over the years. However, when the electronic technology arrived in the cell phones industry, Samsung’s top management never fully grasped how the world around them was changing, they competing through their existing markets rather than taking the harder route of developing…

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