A Book Like Being Bright Is Not Enough When One Has Never Gone Down The Path Of Doctoral Studies

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A Quick Review
Reviewing a book like Being Bright Is Not Enough when one has never gone down the path of doctoral studies is very difficult. There seems to be little doubt that the author, Dr. Peggy Hawley, has thought and wrestled through this, but evaluating the book’s worth in one’s pursuit of a doctorate is difficult for the neophyte. No doubt there was plenty of information that seems priceless, but at times it was hard to discern how much of it was applicable to this reviewer’s present pursuit.
The premise of the book is that doctoral work is not only difficult, but there are many issues within this undertaking that the student will face that will come as a surprise. These issues include: the journey from student to scholar, the temptation to think that the dissertation is a lifetime achievement, the dynamics of the committee one chooses (or is given), and the enormous weight placed upon the family of the student. These in turn result in many who begin this endeavor, but some that do not finish. For the author, the reason for this is that most come into the program of their choice because they are smart, but those that finish do so because they are program smart. Each illustration and insight informs the reader as to how they might gain these “smarts” before the process begins.
Each chapter works through the doctoral process and gives wisdom on how one might avoid many of the pitfalls that end the pursuit. At the conclusion of each chapter, is a very helpful summary…

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