A Brief Note On The Islamic State Of Iraq And Al Sham ( Isis )

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An enormous difference
Throughout the 21th century, terrorism has become an enormous national and international problem for humanity. Many countries have been opposed to them, for example, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and France. Despite several strategies established by those countries to eliminate terrorism. Those effort are not sufficient because every day terrorists attack, and terrorist groups are still increasing around the world. For now, there are two major terrorist groups: the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and al-Qaida. They are spreading like pandemic disease and will need a strength dose of medication for permanent removal. People may think those two groups are similar because they were born on the same continent, but they have different theologies and methods.
The First difference between Isis and al-Qaida is their theologies. Isis want to kill infidel people who does not believe in muslin while al-Qaida theologies is Salafism. According to the senior editor Peter weber Al Qaeda believes that terrorism is a way to redeem Muslim nations and communities, while ISIS and its Wahhabist forebears embraced killing infidels and aberrant Muslims as a way to purify the faith. For Al Qaeda, violence is a means to an ends, but for ISIS, it is an end in itself. Al Qaida believes playing nice to others however the Islamic state does not. Although the ultimate purpose of al Qaida is to conquer the middle east and make them believe to the muslin by…

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