A Different Perspective Of Death Since I Essay

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I have a different perspective of death since I started working in a nursing home then subsequently in a hospital. My job requires me to deal with it frequently. I have been up close and personal with death and do not fear it but welcome the beauty and comfort it brings to the afflicted and their families. Watching the loved ones deal with the inevitability of death is traumatic. We all die, no one is immune, if you were born, you will die at some point. The Lord is in control, our time in mortality is limited, what we do with it is crucial to our salvation. My first experience with death was in a nursing home. I had a patient who was very sick and not expected to make it through the night. The man was in his 90’s and had outlived his family, therefore, no one was there to see him take his last breath save it be me. It was a busy night and the proper procedure was for two people to prepare the body for the morgue. I had to do it alone due to the reality of proper procedures and the real world. I was unprepared and the experience seemed surreal. When death was imminent for my patient and gasping for breath labored, it pained me to watch death fast approach and finally prevail. When he took his last breath, death came quiet and peaceful. Preparing a body for the morgue consists of bathing and dressing the deceased. I felt a peacefulness because this man no longer suffered in pain and sickness. I unfolded his arms and legs, which reached the entire length…

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