A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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There is something stronger than steel or diamonds. A family’s bond, if structured correctly, will never be broken. There could always be interior and exterior forces that could weaken the bond of a family ultimately breaking it. Not only in my personal experience, but in the literature that we have studied are examples of this theory. In A Doll’s House, The Three Sisters and Maus (I and II) there was both interior and exterior force that separated the families. In the case of Nora it was a positive effect, while with the sisters it was a negative effect, and the complexity of the relationship between alive and dead relatives of the family.
In Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House, at first the two characters that are married seem to be in a happy relationship. Nora was a typical housewife while her husband worked at a bank and usually brought work home with him. Although Nora had a secret that nobody knew, she acquired a loan in order to save Torvald’s life. During the course of the story Nora tries to keep this hidden. Also Nora goes through a few personal enlightenments through the actions of those around her. I had a similar experience with my parents where my mother took out a loan in order to help pay off bills so our family could continue living in our house, while my father was bouncing back from surgery. Much like my father, Torvald action was geared more toward how he can protect himself, how can she do this to him, and what were you thinking, this is where the two…

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