Essay about A Feminist Health Care System

1192 Words Dec 14th, 2014 null Page
It would be preferable for people to have a feminist health care system but there a lot of obstacles to achieving it. The main things to focus on to solve the problems faced with health care today are increasing knowledge, understanding of differences, paying more attention to social impact on health, and getting corresponding support from other institutions. There are aspects to consider for patients, for health care practitioners, as well as costs, time, institutions and deeply embedded institutionalized discrimination. However, this shift could be set into motion by making accurate knowledge of gendered bodies more widespread and in particular, giving women and minorities more legitimacy, both as doctors and as patients. Social and mental aspects need to be considered for all patients too, but without sexist assumptions like ‘women are overly emotional’ and ‘men should be tough’, because such assumptions about either gender are disadvantageous. A practitioner within a feminist health care system would be sensitive to class, race, and gender. They would also treat patients fairly, but with a full understanding of their contexts, because they’d have more control over the timing of their interactions and be able to recommend with more than a one-size-fits-all approach. There are several complex issues to resolve before we’re able to progress to a feminist health care system.

Some of the major problems and barriers to quality healthcare for all at present are inequalities,…

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