A Feminist Hero, Or A Sexist Construct Of A Male Playwright? Essay

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Is Medea a feminist hero, or a sexist construct of a male playwright?

Contention: Medea is neither a feminist hero nor a sexist construct of a male playwright. While it is possible to interpret her revenge as a representation of female equality (especially in relation to power, influence etc), essentially her revenge is just that; a personal vengeance and not a championing of an ideological cause. Thus, these two are misreadings as in they overlook the fact that Medea 's gender disadvantage is utilised as a dramatic device to show the extent of her revenge rather than anything more symbolic to that end.

Para 1: Medea as the elemental and powerful woman; feminist hero
Para 2: Medea as the sexist construct of a male playwright (find evidence of Euripides being misogynistic???)
Para 3: Medea as motivated by personal instincts and gender dynamic as dramatic technique rather than ideological support. "Outsider" idea works to much the same extent.

Euripides ' confronting depiction of an abandoned woman 's plight for revenge in his 431BC Medea makes continual reference to the discrimination its eponymous protagonist must tolerate due to her gender. Throughout the play, Medea 's power in Greek society is limited by her status as a female, and her impassioned rejection of this inequality is perhaps a suggestion that Euripides envisions her as a feminist hero. However, the portrayal of Medea as a monstrous and vile manipulator of her peers, and an atrocious killer of her own…

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