A Feminist Perspective On The Taming Of The Shrew Essay

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It is clear from the beginning of the play that Kate’s attitude is frowned upon by the standards enforced by men onto society. It is a feminist’s role to argue the advocacy of equal rights for both males and females. From a feminist’s perspective The Taming of the Shrew is lacking in the concept of gender equality especially as Kate’s opportunities are decided from her by men from the beginning of the play. Although, it may be argued that Kate’s shrewish attitude is influenced as a response to the overwhelming sense of patriarchy, how at the hands of men she has become a shrew in protest and then again, at the hands of men she is forced into marriage and to disregard her famous masculine personality. In accordance to this, i have to agree that changes in her life were at the hands of men but not entirely forced.
The patriarchal tone begins with the objectification of Kate by Baptista as he forces her into a marriage that she has no desire for and to a man that has the ability to control her thoughts and feelings. Kate is objectified as though by being the daughter of Baptista, that she is also the property of Baptista and the sense of the times in coherence to this. Feminism proposes equality, so for a woman to be deprived of her right to sincerely and honestly make a promise unto god to love another eternally in marriage, shows the large extent of the lack of equality for females in Shakespearean times even more so for a woman of a rebellious nature like Katherina. This…

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