Essay about A Feminist Perspective On Women

762 Words Mar 14th, 2015 4 Pages
There is nothing wrong with being a strong, independent woman. There is also nothing wrong with being a feminist. Women fighting to be recognized as independent or as a feminist are not wrong. Yet being aggressive with the fight will not help. Getting the point of independence and equality across to someone can be done without attempting to be forceful about the point. When a woman can address her point civilly, she is presenting her point and herself in a very professional and gracious manner. This would incline the audience she is speaking towards to accept what she has to say, not that her audience would have to agree with her. What about those women that do not care if they offend others? What about those women that think the only way of getting a point across is to force those around them to listen, so they use hostile tones that would most likely cause their audience to tune them out? No one appreciates being shouted at or feeling as though they are being forced to agree with someone else’s point. Being aggreassive when trying to address a point will only push people away. The women that do this will be considered as strong feminists. These women are making it hard for other feminists to have their points heard since they are repelling listeners with their assertiveness. The issue with strong feminists is they repel listeners with their forceful tones. This can cause problems for women that want to support feminism but do not wish to be indentified with it is since…

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