A Feminist Perspective On Women Essay

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There are many points in this story that can be viewed from a feminist’s perspective. When she is first told about her husband’s death, the story states, “She did not hear the story as any women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance” (Axelrod 496). The word “women” is used rather than “people”, this phrasing could be saying that women are unable to comprehend important or significant problems. This also can insinuate that men are more capable of coping with stressful information than women are. Now to move on to Mrs. Mallard at the time in which she first found out about the death of her husband. She herself handled the news, “she wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment” (Axelrod 496). Choplin in this line uses that word “abandonment”, which Mrs. Mallard feels incapable of handling herself, that her husband left and abandoned her. Though her husband died, he still abandoned her and she feels like she needs a male figure in her life in order to keep the house hold stable, and now that he is gone she feels helpless. A feminist point of view would say that she needs to be a strong female, that yes it is okay to feel sad at the loss of your husband, but to feel abandoned crosses the line. Mrs. Mallard then moves into the bedroom in which she shared with her husband. There she sits down in this “comfortable, roomy armchair” that is positioned in front of a large window (496). Once she takes a seat in the chair, she…

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