Essay on A Futuristic Cyber Terrorism Incident

1563 Words Jul 26th, 2015 7 Pages
For the purpose of this project, I will use a futuristic cyber-terrorism incident. The “Internet of Things” phenomenon is already spreading quickly, and pervading all aspects of life. In the years to come, IoT will come to dominate the systems in modern cars which use embedded systems to add new features and improve and ease the commute experience. As helpful as this may sound, this technology opens up a myriad of potential security hazards which hackers may take advantage of.
Experts already warn about the potentially life-threatening hazards that may become a reality in the near future if additional, extensive security measures are not implemented. According to The Economist, “Modern cars are becoming like computers with wheels...But the original internet brought disbenefits, too, as people used it to spread viruses, worms and malware of all sorts. Suppose, sceptics now worry, cars were taken over and crashed deliberately...An insecure internet of things might bring dystopia.” These worries are becoming realized much quicker than anticipated; The Washington Post’s article titled, “Hacks on the Highway” details how hackers can do precisely just that. The article and an accompanying video show how a hacker miles away from a car can control completely its movements. This can, unfortunately, be used to cause deliberate crashes and other dangerous activities. Clearly, there are major vulnerabilities in the latest cars that jeapordize lives right now. An attack that takes…

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