Essay about A Good And Evil, Right And Wrong

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Introduction Ethics is defined as the study of good and evil, right and wrong. As Francis Schaeffer explains, “One of the distinctions of the Judeo-Christian God is that not all things are the same to him. He exists; He has a character; and not all things are the same to Him. Some things conform to His character, and some are opposed to His character.” I find this encouraging because it is a reassurance that God’s love prevails through my sin, and when I strive to conform to his character he loves me and calls me his child. In order to live an abundant and ethical Christian life it is our task to differentiate between what conforms to God`s character and secular societies ideological views.
Unlike other cultures, Christianity believes that our ethical and moral views come from God’s unchanging character. Whereas Muslims believe that morals come from God, and he changes them as he chooses. Marxists and Secular Humanists depend on naturalistic philosophy. Postmodernists think that morality is dependent on the community’s values. Cosmic Humanists trust that everybody follows their own set of morals. Although all these cultures claim to have their morals come from different aspects of life, we all have common beliefs, things that are not acceptable in most cultures. Christians are required to trust God’s laws and what he speaks to us through revelation from prayer, reading the bible or being in His presence. I as a Christian struggle to not just believe what society believes…

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