Essay on A History Of Social Psychology

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A History of Social Psychology
The history of a discipline or sub-discipline can highlight that which develops through the comparison, contrast, and compilation of work by many different contributors. Developing theories can come from simple speculation, but is aided by and usually involves an inspiration from outside sources, even from different subjects and disciplines. A discipline grows in this way, and needs different bracketing, dividing, and expanding in order to fully reach its original goals.
Gergen defines social psychology as “that branch of [psychology] dealing with human interaction” (1973, pg. 309).And, as its name would certainly suggest, social psychology was conceptually borne of the unity between sociology and psychology. Social psychology tries to unite the concepts of both fields: it draws from and focuses on people’s interactions of sociology, but also can use the scientific experimentation of psychology (Kruglanski & Stroebe, 2012). The origin of the study depends on how the researcher defines the inception of a discipline. The first study later to be described as social psychology was published in 1898 by psychologist Norman Triplett. Studying children trying to reel in a fish both alone and working alongside one of their peers, he discovered that those working in competition another person reeled the fish in faster (Kruglanski & Stroebe, 2012). This discovery was later recognized as supporting the social facilitation theory. Similarly, a study…

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