A Man 's Woman By Frank Norris Essay

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In a Man’s Woman by Frank Norris it is implied through textual evidence in the title that it is taking a stereotype of a man’s idea of the “perfect” woman. What is a man’s “perfect” woman? Back in the 1900 when this book was written it meant that a woman really didn’t have a say in her life she was proper, beautiful and there to support her husband. In Frank Norris novel A Man’s Women, it clearly shows that idea of a man’s perfect woman. There is also a stereotype for men as well. Men back in the 1900’s were to act like strong, demanding, in charge, and manly which our main character Bennett try’s to cling to.
At the title page information can be gathered that this book will be about the stereotype of what a man wants his woman to be. It talks a lot about the stereotypes that men like Bennett the main man wants his girlfriend to be like. This expectation is not one sided; it brings the idea of what a woman thinks a man should be like. A Man’s Woman was written in the 1900’s in those days it was expected that women would follow the strong male figure in their life. This book portrays the two sided stereotype that men have for women and what women have for men. Men wanted an obedient women who would have a pretty face, proper manners and do what the man wanted such as when “Lloyd sat quietly in her place.” (VII, 153) A woman’s idea of a man was that they were to be tough, commanding, and manly. The superintendent nurse explains the stereotypes best by saying “men are stronger…

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