A New Paradigm For Learning Opportunities That Improve Instruction And Student Achievement?

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In this essay, it will interpret the article by Linda Darling-Hammond in contrast to the four-step education research evaluation process that is outlined in our course textbook. This essay will consist of identifying the research question of the article, confirming that the research design matches the research question, examining how the study was and selecting the dual explanations for the study (Lauer, 2006). The study of this article includes conducted Participants and Selection, Definition, Description, and Implementation of Treatment, Definition, Description, and Implementation of Treatment, The Data and How They Are Collected, and Data Analysis (Lauer, 2006). This essay will end by stating the results of the study and what was supported in this research study and what was not supported in this research study. Darling-Hammond states in her article (2009) “What does research say about the kind of professional learning opportunities that improve instruction and student achievement?” This question is the research question that was identified in her article. Research for this question has defined a new paradigm for professional development. The research created a consensus about the content, context, and design of high-quality professional development. This question is experimental research. This type of research is used to ask whether something causes an effect. This article shows positive results which shows that the instruction and student achievement improving did…

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