Essay on A People 's History Of The United States

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A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn conveys history as told in the preceptive of slaves, revolutionaries,women, and lower class men. It starts with Christopher Columbus finding the Caribbean and ends with the 2000 and terrorism. A People’s History of the United States starts by talking about Christopher Columbus arriving at the Caribbean and meeting the native people,the Arawak.Often portrayed as an enlightened leader and a friend,Zinn portrayed him as conquerers who only wanted gold and other resources. He shows how Columbus was more interested in finding gold because hof the rewards that came with it,.Columbus believed them to be ignorant so he captured them and brought some to Spain. Many died on the expedition to Spain,not accustomed to the colder weather. Columbus wrote in his journal how they were always willing to share with other people. Columbus took advantage of their compassion and willingness to help those who needed it. Believed to be fortune to be made Columbus was granted a second expedition.Given seventeen ships and more than twelve hundred men. Once they arrived and started taking slaves they found villages where where everyone had fled. Looking on every island they found no gold. Columbus took 500 Arawak people to use as slaves, 200 hundred of which died on route. He ordered anyone fourteen and older on the provinces of Haiti and Cicao to bring gold every three moths,where they would be given a copper token,if you didn’t have…

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