A Report On My Organization Essay

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My organization was notified in June 2015, that we would be losing some employees due to downsizing efforts of our parent organization. Unfortunately, the branch I lead would be losing two senior analyst positions. To make matters worse, both positions were encumbered by two of the most experienced engineers in our organization. I had the dismal duty to inform the two employees in my branch their positions were programmed for elimination by the end of this fiscal year.
One of the most daunting tasks I have had as a supervisor was informing two employees their positions were up for elimination. Both employees were senior engineers and have over twenty-years experience on the job. It would be a tough loss for our organization as both members are outstanding producers, mentors, and overall well-rounded employees. Once senior leadership informed supervisors of which positions would be cut, I began to form a plan on how I would tell the affected employees and our remaining team. Upon being told by leadership, I felt my blood pressure rising, my teeth were clinching, and my concentration skills were almost non-existent. I could tell I was tensing up inside at the thought of having to tell employees they would no longer be in our organization. After giving the news a few minutes to settle in, I began to calm myself knowing I had to develop a plan on how to inform my team of the news. I took some deep breaths and felt my blood pressure start to decrease. My…

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