A Report On The Letter Essay

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Casey turned to get Dr. Talbot approval to leave. “You can leave at any time, Mrs. Culpepper. I’ll have one of the nurses bring in your discharge paperwork. Of course, you can stay with your husband as long as you wish. We can also set up a cot in the room for you to sleep here if you prefer.”
“Thank you. Troy, if you don’t mind, I’d like to change back into my clothes before giving you my statement of what happened today.”
“That’s fine. I’ll wait for you in the lobby so we won’t disturb Ray. All these nurses coming in and out are enough distraction. Take your time. There’s no need for you to rush. Casey returned to her hospital room and dressed, feeling more like herself once she was out of the hospital gown.
When she got down to the lobby level, it was empty. The sheriff sat in the corner thumbing through a magazine. As she approached, he gave her an encouraging smile. “We can talk here, Casey. I won’t keep you long. I know you want to get back to Ray. I mainly wanted to inform you that we’ve already identified the body as that of Matthew Crawford.”
“That’s what he said his name was when he burst in, but he looked so much like one of Ray’s clients, Michael Lebeck. He told us he was Michael’s twin brother, and he was the one who had committed the robbery and murder in Macon.”
“I remember that trial. This man had an extensive arrest record in Atlanta, so his fingerprints were on file. That was how we identified the body so quickly. The Atlanta Sheriff’s Department…

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