A Report On The Security Essay examples

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Our banks are capable of storing the information we hold about the customers securely and available in as many ways as possible, by reason of having the resources to do so, the primary task we undertake is countering the unauthorized entry, alternation or destruction of the data you commend to us. Our banks invest a lot of revenue into security as we aim to preserve a strong trust with our clients, earning a bad reputation is the last thing we need to develop so we establish a resolute effort to protect the assets you grant us access to, as well as managing the safety of your information by guaranteeing it’s concealment and integrity. You entrust us to keep your information secure and continuously available even in the event of a catastrophe or emergency, from a hacker attempting to crack into our systems to hardware malfunctions, we will be prepared with backups as it’s vital to our business to conserve your information. As a warranty that this agreement with our customers is intact at all times, we employ a group of experienced IT technical staff and security teams to collaborate with each other, as well as having a top notch encryption over all of our files, we use RAID as a redundancy technique which works as a fail-safe for your sensitive data. Our company takes backups of your information every hour to assure an appropriate contemporary backup of your information is established, we also take into consideration a fail of the backup, and have a secondary site where we…

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