A Research On The Live Right Play Right Essay

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Upon research on the Live Right Play Right Institute there are a few steps taking to start an institute of this magnitude. Developing young minds in this new generation takes absolute patience of your mind and spirit. Many traditions are lost including respect, integrity, and honor just to name a few. The first step of starting this institute is to see if I’m buying into an institute or just would like to start my own. Of course, the objective is to start my own. Only I know how I would like for my school to be run. So then I will have to evaluate my competition then I will have to create a financial projection. The financial projection will be for equipment, staff, property tax, and any other cost that a school may bring.
The next step would be the funding of the school and which method that I would use. Would I use a lender, investors, all entitle to shares of my profits so maybe there will be grants and knowing the right people that will be interested in helping me start a mission that will help our youth. That lives chaotic lives.
The next is location of course New York is the hardest to start a private institute. My location wanted for my school will have to be on evergreens land where there’s no distraction but the crowing of roasters, the mooing of cows, and the many beautiful sounds of natures calling. In order to teach properly I believe you have to give a scenery of natures life and to help the young children and adults start fresh in an uncomfortable but…

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