A Research Study Of A Management Dilemma Essay

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The first step in conducting a literature search is to define the management dilemma or question. One cannot just jump into a research study of a management dilemma without having some thought into the question being asked. A management dilemma triggers the need for a decision. How many times has something happen at ones work place that created a management dilemma? A management dilemma requires management to make a decision in order to resolve the issue at hand. In order to develop the research question to the current dilemma in your workplace, a few steps need to take place. These steps are broken into stages and are, clarifying the research question, proposing research, designing the research project, data collection and preparation, data analysis and interpretation, and reporting the results.
Stage one is clarifying the research question. The best way to start is by stating the dilemma that caused the research and narrow down this question into smaller questions that are more specific. Another way is to think of the process as a management-research question hierarchy (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). The hierarchy starts at the basic level with the management dilemma. This starts with the basic problem, for example, declining cost, increasing employee turnover. These are just a few of the basic questions one can ask. In order to move from management dilemma to management questions and other research questions requires exploratory research. Examples of exploratory research are…

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