Essay on A Right Versus Right Moral Dilemma

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In this week’s journal, the discussion focuses on identifying a right versus right moral dilemma and a right versus wrong moral dilemma. In addition, the discussion addresses theories of moral reasoning (i.e. Kant’s rule-based morality). This discussion is well timed as I’ve recently identified the moral reasoning theory that resonates with me. In reading the articles assigned for this week, there are several examples provided for both types. These examples allowed me to consider my experiences with such dilemmas. For example, my example of a right versus right moral dilemma was a decision of whether or not to share with my team about an upcoming company-wide layoff. On the one hand, I knew several team members were single parents or one income families. Being laid-off at that time would be stressful and challenging. On the other hand, I was obligated to the company not to divulge any information about the layoffs. I wasn’t sure which team members would be laid-off and the uncertainty could be counterproductive. In her article, “Managerial decision making and right vs right dilemmas: An assessment”, Nicole Smith shared an example of a bank employee who was made aware of branch closings but is committed to withhold information due to her position (2012, para 3). Being torn between wanting to help her colleagues and her professional obligation reminded me of the aforementioned example. In terms of management or leadership roles, I could certainly identify with Steve Lewis…

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