A Short Note On Social And Social Interaction Essay

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C1. SOCIAL: Such as willingness (tolerance) and ability to engage others in communication and interaction, strategies for interaction (such as turn taking), participation in activities involving another person or group of persons.

Camper 's skills (abilities and challenges):
When my co-counselor and I met Alex for the first time, he had a difficult time engaging with us or other campers. He did not make much eye contact and would walk away without warning. The severity of his Autism greatly limited his verbal communication. We quickly realized that majority of his social interactions with others would have to be nonverbal. In order for any social interaction to occur, individuals would have to initiate the engagement- Alex did not have much interest in social engagement other than with my co-counselor and me. Once initiated, the engagement was not long-lasting and usually consisted of the other party speaking while Alex maintained eye contact and occasionally nodded. Much of his social communication was through overall body language. Turn taking was brief when Alex did verbalize his needs. Typically, he only answered with single word expressions. Additionally, it was challenging for him to participate in group activities because he was not able to communicate effectively with other campers. During activities, Alex did not show interest in participating in conversation or camper interaction in general. He required a great amount of prompting and modeling before he…

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