Essay on Abc Accounting, Inc.

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ABC Accounting, Inc. is a quickly growing company looking to upgrade its current network. The company has grown from 5 to 200 employees in the past year and a half. The company is expected to grow to 350 employees in one year. ABC Accounting, Inc. will add more offices in the current building, which will span three floors. To accommodate their growth ABC Accounting is seeking the necessary solution to build an affordable, expandable, and secure network. This proposal will provide a comprehensive and secure solution for the networking needs of ABC Accounting, Inc.

Topology and network devices

ABC Accounting, Inc. offices span three floors. Currently, the company has a physical and logical star topology over Ethernet connections. The bottom floor has a Main Distribution Frame (MDF), which is located in the networking closet, and the other two floors have Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF). The overall layout or topology of the network will look like this. All of the desktop computers and other devices such as printers and wireless access points will connect to the IDF. The floor that has the MDF located on it will have all of the network devices connect there. Also the two IDFs will also be connected to the MDF, which is where the router will be located and will access the outside. The building is wired with Category 6 (Cat6) cable all ready. Cat6 will support speeds up to 1Gbps. In order to utilize these speeds, new networking and internetworking devices must be…

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