Administrative Responsibilities And Ethics At The Service Public Department

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Administrative Responsibilities and Ethics at the Service Public Department The Service Public Department has several serious issues that need to be addressed in a patiently manner. Ethics in public administration is an essential topic necessary in order to avoid issues at any department. Responsibility is one of many virtues of a respectable public servant. Ideally, public administrators have the duty of fixing current issues, prevent future issues and change the structure of the department for a good purpose. Before accepting the position as a commissioner, Alex heard numerous rumors about inconstancies and complaints from current employees. Some factors to consider are that Alex is new to the department and the Governor relies on Alex administrative skills. Therefore, some barriers in which Alex has to confront are trying to do too much, over planning, ignoring unintended consequences and defining the mission and the desired outcomes. The strategic management plan has to be planned according to the needs and issues of the department by ignoring details and assisting employees concerns. In terms of administrative responsibilities what comes to mind in this case are honesty, flexibility, responsiveness, fairness, competence and accountability. These six values are essential and will fit perfectly in the ideal of administrative responsibility. Therefore, responsiveness states the time frame in which an action is taken by the administrators to a change in policy.…

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