Adolescent Girls : A Book Saga Written By Stephenie Meyer Essay

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Adolescent girls notice how things are gendered and how women are treated differently than men. These gendered differences between women and men can influence young girls’ minds and make them think that men are more superior to women. Twilight, a book saga written by Stephenie Meyer, can directly influence the thoughts of young girls and how they feel about their own sex. Widely known and loved by many, this series has some underlining meanings whether the author intended them or not. Foss explains this when she says, “Humans often choose to interpret something rhetorically that the sender of the message did not attend to be symbolic. In this case, someone chooses to give an action or an object symbolic value, even though the sender does not see it in symbolic terms” (Rhetorical Criticism 5). In any case, it still creates an issue of girls being influenced by the way Bella (female lead character) is portrayed and treated by the male characters in the story—fragile, passive and unhappy without a man in her life.
Children learn to act, believe, and think a certain way from prominent people in their lives, such as parents and/or guardians and family members. However, parents and family members are not the only ones who play a role in shaping their children. The media is a strong influence on children, especially young girls as they are pressured to become the people that they see in the media in order to be accepted in today’s society. Sellnow explains this further saying that,…

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