Essay on Adopting A Dog Is A Big Responsibility

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I have always wanted a dog of my own, but knew it would be a big responsibility and commitment. Three months ago, I decided to adopt a puppy, Bella. Since then, I have discovered that having a dog is a lot of work but is rewarding. To adopt a dog, you should make sure you are ready for the obligations, prepare your house and yard, choose an adoption agency, and take proper care of your dog when you bring it home. Before you adopt a dog, there are a number of things you should consider. You should definitely make sure you are financially capable of buying and caring for a dog. Dogs are a big responsibility and entail many costs. I didn’t realize how much money I would have to spend in order to get Bella settled in her new home. The adoption fee itself was one hundred and fifty dollars, which included her first visit to the vet. Usually, dogs have to go to the vet once every six months, and even more often when they are puppies. Vet bills can add up quickly. I had to buy Bella a kennel to sleep in at night, puppy pads, a collar and leash, and food and water bowls. You will also have to buy food for your dog on a regular basis. I occasionally buy Bella toys so that she has something to play with while I’m at work, but these are not necessities. Adopting a dog is going to cost you a lot of money, so make sure you are prepared to pay for the dog’s needs. Once you know you are willing to make the financial commitment of owning a dog, it is a good idea to prepare for your dog’s…

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