Adoption Of New Technology Using Rogers ' Theory Essay

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Adoption of New Technology using Rogers’ Theory
Nurses can have a great impact on the success or failure of the adoption of electronic health record’s (EHRs). There are many challenges to implementing an EHR and nurse acceptance and buy-in are critical. Describing how a nurse facilitator can prepare the nursing staff for an EMR transition through a pre-implementation team meeting is important because nurse resistance of new technology is often high.
Nurses as Change Agents
Nurses are in a position to impact the successful implementation of new technology in many ways. Nurse administrators that provide ongoing support for nursing staff are crucial to smooth implementation by providing adequate training, capital investment, and ongoing human resource allocation (Hsiao, Chang, & Chen, 2011). All nurses have the ability to be positive agents of change from staff nurses volunteering to be super users and assisting their peers on a daily basis to nurse informaticists that are involved in the details of design and building of new information technology systems. Relative Advantage
To decrease resistance, facilitate acceptance and respond to the nurses concerns, the meeting will address five attributes of technology identified by Everett Rogers that determine successful acceptance of new technology (Robinson, 2009). The first characteristic identified by Rogers is relative advantage (Rogers, 1995). It will be important at the onset of the meeting to explain the relative…

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