Essay on Affirmative Action Should Be A Good Idea

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1. Since you have a number of jobs at which there are more men than women and you desire greater diversity, affirmative action would be a good idea;

According to the textbook, affirmative action is defined as, “those actions appropriate to overcome the effects of past or present practices, policies, or other barriers to equal employment opportunity.” (Walsh, Pg. 263). After digesting this definition along with the above statement provided, I would say that this is good legal advice.
The fact that the employer recognizes that there is a need for greater diversity, simply states that an action plan needs to be put into place in order to avoid any future mishaps relating to discrimination to present themselves. The consultant should be advising the organization to complete the required steps in order to develop a solid and successful Affirmative Action Plan. It is stated in an online article titled, “What is an Affirmative Action Plan?”, that, “An Affirmative Action program also ensures equal employment opportunity by institutionalizing the contractor’s commitment to equality in every aspect of the employment process. Therefore, as part of its Affirmative Action program, a contractor monitors and examines its employment decisions and compensation systems to evaluate the impact of those systems on women and minorities.” (MIT, 2015). The consultant should be advising the employer to not overlook the qualified candidates, regardless of their sex. Maybe changing the image…

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