Essay about Africa Has Vast Religious Record

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Africa has vast religious record. The ancient and immense land mass has an extensive history of ever shifting empires, which has led to a diverse religious landscape. Modern day Africa is divided into five regions, each of which has had a unique religious evolution. The western region from where most Atlantic slaves came from is no exception. The indigenous African religion is the oldest on the continent and is still practiced today, a major component of this religion is its oral tradition. Over centuries followers have shared the beliefs of supreme creators and spirits, as well as complex practices of medicine and prayer. These beliefs varied greatly by ethnic group, language and geography but were still shared among substantial numbers of people. Unfortunately it is because of this oral tradition that history has marginalized the indigenous African religion. Often thought to be primitive because of its lack of scriptural writings traditional African religion was dismissed by missions and colonialists as pagan or uncivilized. All three Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have come to power in Africa and as so have established a level of syncretism with traditional African Religion. Islam being the oldest outside religion has the strongest roots in African culture. Africa is the first land Islam spread to after leaving Arabia. This faith has been in Africa so long since its genesis on the Arabian Peninsula that some scholars have argued that it is in fact a…

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