African American History, Heritage, And Culture Essay

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Music has always played a significant part in the development of the African American culture. In The Piano Lesson, a piano represented the African American history, heritage, and culture in the Charles family. Music was a personal expression of African Americans slaves that were oppressed by their slave owners. To the African American culture, music represented more than just entertainment. It was a means to preserve the history of the African American culture. The struggle to preserve African American heritage in the music industry is significant. Instead of preserving the music created by African Americans, the music industry did the opposite by accrediting the black music to white musicians. Nevertheless, what is significant is the internalized racism that exist within the African American culture that literally undermines the African American heritage history and culture.
Although the past was filled with untold memories of pain and suffering for many African American slaves, the preservation of those memories was very important to them. These memories were the foundation upon which African American families held onto their family heritage. Berneice continued to hold on to the past by refusing to sell the piano, which signifies the preservation of her history, heritage and culture, thus keeping it with the African American history and in the home. The piano held the Charles family’s history- births, weddings funerals and even the trading off Doaker’s grandmother and…

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