African Americans And The United States Essay example

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Essay two For long years, it has been very notable how African-Americans are struggling to conquer equal treatment as white Americans, and how most of them feel victims of injustice. Even though there were civil activists that fought for equality in America, it did not happen because many whites in America still believing that is necessary to make a distinction between whites and people from other races, especially white Americans. Until now, 2015 has been a very controversy year, and it has been mostly marked by protests and political revolutions around the globe. Ironically, this domino effect finally arrived to America, where African-Americans have been protesting against the state laws for its continuous process of oppression to African-Americans. The most recent cases of protests are the one in Baltimore and Ferguson, where police officers shot two unarmed black men. Protest is process where people meet in order to show their disagreement relating to any topic. However, black protestors in America are often described as thugs, and their protests as riots. Riots, as Mr. C said in class, are protests with eminent use of violence by the protestors. Many people in America fell that the media describes black protests as riots as way to promote racism in America, and impose into people’s mind that African. Americans are criminals. Authors form different places around America expressed their opinions about the use of the word riot to describe protests made by…

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