Allen Ginsberg 's A Supermarket Essay

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Society is always changing its views on societal and cultural issues. As people progress, the vast majority of people tend to follow the current trends of the time. This may involve shifting its views on marriage, consumerism, cultural practices and so forth. In Allen Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California,” he condemns the culture of that time in an amusing way. Ginsberg not only points out the emerging ideas of homosexuality, but also criticizes the rising consumerism among the traditional American family. First and foremost, in order to understand the points made in this poem, one must understand Ginsberg’s rhetoric in connection to this poem. This includes knowing his background, time in which the poem is set, and the social/cultural phenomenon of that time. Ginsberg was a Beat poet. He often wrote radical pieces against the “normal” American traditions of the time. Ginsberg was also a gay man himself. Through his writing, he was able to channel his progressive views in a clever way. This is important because at the time homosexuality was a highly tabooed subject. This created a high amount of pressure within the LGBTQ community.
Besides the social issues regarding homosexuality in “A Supermarket in California,” Ginsberg touches on the subject of family household traditions. At the time, what constituted a nuclear household was a biological mother, a biological father, and children. This also relates to the rising consumerism among families at the time.…

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