American Culture Is Not Fair For Access Nor Success Essay

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American culture is obsessed with the saying “to pull oneself up by one 's bootstraps” because it refers to the idea that every individual should work hard and with enough dedication will be able to accomplish their goals. While this idea in theory makes sense, since one does need to put in the necessary work to complete any task, in practice it does not work, because it runs under the assumption that there is a level playing field, when there is not. Unfortunately, society is not fair to all, not everyone has equal opportunity for access nor success. There is a definite social hierarchy where the highest group has all the privileges and mobility and in which that those same privileges decrease as with every downward step. While it would be assumed that the social hierarchy would be based solely on economic status, it is actually so much more complex as economic status is actually a result of the privileges and mobility that those on top of the hierarchy have. The hierarchy is based on socioeconomic status that is a direct result of race, sex, sexuality, age, ability, and even location. Focusing briefly on race, it is of particular importance because of how historical racism and segregation play a role in access and opportunity.
Historically, people of color and particularly those of African descent (black), were considered inferior to those of Anglo or European descent (white). This was due to many reasons including colonialism and imperialism, but in reality it really…

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