Essay on American Literature : The Novel ' The Swimmer '

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American Literature dates back as far as 1608 when John Smith wrote A True Relation of…Virginia. The 18th and 19th centuries began the publishing of the first novels and authors such a Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving began publishing works related to the War of 1812(digital). Literature throughout history has reflected society and reading early American Literature today shines light on not only those outstanding works but also the history of America. Literature not only tells a story but also causes a reader to think and most novels have a deeper meaning, causing readers to find the hidden message. American Literature sheds light on American development and can enlighten modern readers. American Literature often tells a story within a story; the message is not written in words but rather formulated though reading the story. The stories are written to make the reader think and develop a deeper meaning for a man swimming though his neighbor’s pools. The novel The Swimmer, by John Cheever depicts a man that swims though his neighbors pools, he drinks along the way, discovers his mistress no longer cares for him, and when finally reaching his own pool realizes his own house is empty and he is left alone. By just reading the words of this story it seems as if a strange man is just swimming along but critical thinking skills creates a deeper meaning, he wasted his life just passing though, he drank and gave no real meaning to his life. He grew tired and old only to realize…

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