American Multilingualism : A National Tragedy Essay

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English has been spoken in America as a national language for so long. Every American knows how to speak and even right fluent English. The American English, though slightly differs with the British English. In the recent times, there has been an ongoing debate about whether the country should be multilingual or remain with the monolingual ways of speaking English as the national language. There have been various scholars writing about English as a language. Their viewpoints differ significantly, but at times agree with each other. An example of these linguists is Franklin Raff and Warren Blumenfeld. Raff wrote the article “American Multilingualism: A National Tragedy” While Blumenfeld’s article is “’English Only’ Laws Divide and Demean”. The two use the rhetorical strategies ethos, pathos, logos, and angle of vision to persuade to their readers why multilingualism and monolingual are good and bad in the country.
In the first article, Raff argues that bilinguals cannot and will never become successful in America. This allegation raises a lot of questions. Majorly, one would wonder how language is related to one becoming successful. The author has a belief that foreigners that cannot speak English lose great opportunities by coming to this country. It has to be noted that America is a country of a range of opportunities, not all of them need communication platform. In contrary to Raff, Professor Warren J. Blumenfeld argues that taking English, as the…

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