An Anaylysis of Cast Away Essay

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An Analysis of Cast Away
Gina M. Orlando
ENG225: Introduction to Film (GSJ1115D)
Instructor: Sharon Hanscom
April 29, 2011

An Analysis of Cast Away
In the 2000 film, Cast Away starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, as a “FedEx systems engineer whose ruled-by-the-clock existence abruptly ends when a harrowing plane crash leaves him isolated on a remote island” (Washington Post, 2000). Through analysis of this film, we explore how Chucks’ consistent existence in everyday life is dramatically changed as he struggles to survive on this remote island where he discovers his own personal journey has merely and only just begun. By viewing this 32 scene selection films’ technical and literary elements, and in addition to its contents,
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Another element is where the story takes place. Although, the story originates in the USA, the main and most significant part of where the story takes place is on a remote Island where Chuck Noland struggles to survive.
Additionally, throughout most of the storyline consists both of external and internal conflict. In the beginning of the film, Chuck Noland lifestyle runs on a clock of a Fed Ex-engineer, where everything needs to be done on a timely basis. With this, he must leave his fiancé to be, Helen Hunt, played as Kelly, on Christmas to get on a Fed Ex plane to deliver across seas but promises to be back home quickly. Suddenly, the plane crashes at sea which represents his promise to be home soon. This is one example of conflict between characters. Furthermore, there is much internal conflict with Chuck Noland from the time of the plane crash which he is the sole survivor, to his time of floating ashore on a safety raft to a remote Island. He struggles to survive there and everything is a constant fight from the making of a fire, to catching fish, the difficulty of opening coconuts, to injuries at sea, pulling his own bad tooth out, and most of all, to keeping his sanity by being alone.
Furthermore, the element of symbolism is also used in this film. The first part of symbolism includes the Christmas gift Kelly gives him which is a pendant clock watch with her picture in it. Of course it no longer keeps time because of the plane crash into the deep

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