An Art Gallery And You Come Upon Cindy Sherman Essay

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You enter an art gallery and you come upon Cindy Sherman’s #10 untitled film still (fig. A.1.). In this photograph you see women squatting down on the floor; her skirt is pulled up. You are taken aback by the girl in this sexual position, and frankly, you are a bit uncomfortable. You then see the spilled groceries on the ground and place her in the place of a housewife, running around to cook dinner for her husband. The way that we view this photograph can be attributed back to the theory, of “male gaze.” Cindy Sherman was the first photographer to incorporate this strategy into photography which was, up to this point, only used in movies. Mary Devereaux defines the male gaze both literally and figuratively. Literally speaking, the male gaze refers to the man doing the looking. Figuratively, “the gaze is male refers to a way of seeing which takes women as its object.” Cindy Sherman used this method and technique and was able to manipulate it to for her own photography. By using the male gaze and self portraits together, Sherman had control as women to decide how she gets presented.
Gender Studies in the Seventies
The seventies marked a critical time in feminist and gender studies. As anthropologists discuss in, “Gender Studies:Anthropology,” the seventies marked a critical time for the changes in view of gender. This was because questions were being asked about the “extremity of male dominance, the organization of domestic and public or political life, the relationship…

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