Essay about An Capstone Journey At Colorado State University

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Embarking on this capstone journey I not only brought invaluable public health competencies that I learned throughout my program, but I also had the chance to refine them and foster growth in competency areas that were less developed. In the next several pages I will discuss both the competencies brought to the project and those gained through the project.
What I Brought to the Table The first competency that was put to the test was BPHS/CC 6 – communicate effectively both in writing and orally. The of Master Public Health program at Colorado State University well prepared me for this task with the varied and rigorous coursework requirements over the past year. The overall design of the program adequately balanced written and oral requirements in a manner that allowed for my growth, and the capstone allowed for such skills to be tested. The skill of effective oral and written communication is one that is constantly evolving. There is no set standard for effective communication in either written or oral format. It is essential to have the ability to read the audience and make necessary adjustments to your style in order to be effective. Throughout this project I was able to shift styles to meet the demands of HIV Alliance’s dental clients, staff, and employees of Lane Community College Dental Clinic. While I did not always get my communication right the first time, this experience did reveal that perseverance will be rewarded with continued effort. Next,…

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