Essay An Examination Of Australian Public Policies

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The contemporary, hostile political climate towards ‘Others’ in Australian politics is underpinned by a history of systematic and institutional racism. This hostility towards non-Anglo ethnicities, in particular Muslims, Arabs and Asians – whether immigrants, emigrants, asylum seekers, or refugees –remains xenophobic, and finds its expression in State Islamophobia and sensationalised fears of minority out-groups (ENDNOTE). An examination of Australian public policies from 1901 to present date indicate the lacklustre efforts of the Australian government and public to celebrate cultural diversity; rather, ‘modern racism’ directed at ‘Others’ is perpetuated by arguments of realist political discourse; the proliferation of harsher asylum-seeker laws; rhetoric in Parliament appealing to national discourses, and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party (Every et al 2007, p. 413). Australian politics have only modernised its existing policies, coloured by historical prejudice, fear and racism, of ‘Others’. The fearful nature of Australian politics can be explained as an extension, or an historical echo, of early Australian policies aimed at the exclusion of non-white ethnicities, for the purpose of preserving the White Australian identity (Dutton, 2012).

White Australia Policy (WAP) referred to the aspiration for the unity and purity of a Caucasian race implemented through restrictions upon immigration and policies aimed towards Industry protection, as well as oppressing the…

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