Essay on An Examination Of Leadership For The Professional World

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An Examination of Leadership Conceptualisation in the Professional World

This general scope of this paper is intended to analyze, compare, and synthesize key themes related to the conceptualisation of leadership in the professional world. The paper examines three areas of peer-reviewed literature linked to leadership to set the context for this paper, those being: Fearless dominance and the U.S. presidency: Implications of psychopathic personality traits for successful and unsuccessful political leadership by Lilienfeld et al. (2012), Leadership styles and associated personality traits: Support for the conceptualization of transactional and transformational leadership by van Eeden, Cilliers, & van Deventer (2008), and lastly, Impact of Personal Growth Projects on Leadership Identity Development by Odom, Boyd, & Williams ( 2012).
Additionally, the core elements of this paper include an examination of the successful and unsuccessful attributes of leaders and influences on developing as leaders. The concept of leadership, you might first conclude, is a familiar issue in this day and age; as it has been considerably debated in our time. However its conceptualization is not very well understood. For this reason, in education, especially at the higher academic levels, there is profuse interest in learning more about leadership to aptly help learners successfully develop as leaders as they progress into the professional world.
As a result countless studies have been completed…

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