An Introduction To An Infant Starts Developing Their Communication Skills Before Their First Words

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Unit 6 Assignment An infant starts developing their communication skills before their first words are even spoken. Any delays or challenges in speech or language development will also influence the individual’s academics, behavior, and social skills (American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2015). If the speech or language challenge is found early enough, there is a possibility that it can be treated early on (American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2015). The following information was provided in an interview of a mother named Victoria, who shared her experience regarding Michelle, her daughter and her language development journey. Victoria said she began communicating with Michelle before she was born. Victoria would sign and talk to Michelle everyday while she was in the womb. After Michelle was born Victoria would sing and talk to Michelle every day, starting off the day with a good morning and wake up song that made Michelle’s eyes sparkle with joy. Michelle began communicating with her first words at around twelve months of age. Michelle would say mama and dog and try to imitate different sounds. By twenty four months of age Michelle was using more words and started putting single word utterances in different combinations like, “more juice,” and “cup mama”. After Michelle turned two, the appearance of grammatical morphemes were apparent. Michelle really began developing more words and seemed to understand the words better. Michelle fit…

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