An Operational Analysis : The Duties And Skills Requirements Essay

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An operational analysis examines the main duties and the skill requirements to perform each task. Cekada (2011) indicated “sources for collecting operations/task analysis data include job descriptions, standard operating procedures, job safety analyses/job hazard analyses, performance standards, review of literature and best practices, and on-site observation and questioning” (p. 31, para. 5). This phase identifies the desired performance standards and expectations for each job position. Your company is operating successfully in Michigan, so we recommend you use the same operational model in Arizona. Accomplishing the work, performing to expectations, meeting tasks standards, and job competencies for effective performance will work in Arizona (Cascio, 2013, p. 324, para. 7). Your subject-matter experts need to conduct and monitor operational training to maintain the same work quality.
Individual Analysis
We recommend carefully selecting current managers and directors to lead the expansion. These individuals with a proven record of high performance can analyze your pool of applicants and select individuals with the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for the desired occupational groups. Cascio (2013) said “individual analysis focuses on identifying employees who need training, and the types of training they need” (p. 324, para. 2). A skillful interviewer can identify the person’s strengths and weaknesses and determine what training or development they need.…

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