Analysis Of Barrack Obama 's Compelling Speech Essay

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Examining Barrack Obama’s compelling speech “A More Perfect Union” given during his candidacy, much of this speech has become a notable moment during Obama’s run for presidency and America at the time. Through rhetorical analysis it can be seen that in preparation during the time it was written, Obama’s writing techniques used in expressing what he wanted to speak on were done with precision and intent on how his speech would be put together. In Obama 's speech elements of rhetorical framework are existing, as appeals, devices, and context, construct the overall tone and purpose of the content. Being able to write and present it the way it was, a positive reception was the result of the purpose of the material. At the time while the speech was already considered successful, however, further analysis of Obama’s writing techniques reveal and show what effects and elements strengthen his content making it successful.1

In Obama’s speech the rhetorical appeal ethos is strongly relevant in his speech by examining the time and event when it was given, and who it was given by. With Obama being someone of credibility and one who people would want to hear speak, this can easily can be distinguished, as at the time, Obama was a serious candidate in the election. Additionally, Obama’s authority as the lead speaker is again based on his situation due to him running for presidency and answering questions surrounding his past church activities and affiliations. In the speech topics such…

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