Analysis Of Homer 's ' Odysseus ' Essay example

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Odysseus was well justified when he decided to take action, by killing his wife’s wooers, and anyone who was associated with them. One reason Odysseus actions against the suitors was compensated for was the way he seen them treat his servants, wife, son, and his palace. During the time Homer was believed to have written stories, respect was expected from both the host and the guest, whether the host was a wealthy landlord or a poor merchant, and the guest a wandering prince, or a beggar. The suitors show their shamelessness by welcoming themselves into Odysseus’s palace on the hunch that the king of the castle is dead, and inviting themselves to feast on the food for nearly 10 years. It is well known that the only reason they assumed Odysseus to be dead is because of rumors, but also because they wanted to believe that the king of Ithaca was dead, and that it is time for someone else to take the place of King (they ignore Telemachus’ right to the crown altogether ), and marry Penelope, even though have no conclusive or notable evidence to prove Odysseus was dead. They are mostly motivated by their thirst for power, wealth and a wife as beautiful as Penelope.

Odysseus learning about the changes the suitors had made to his castle while still in his disguise as a beggar, had already made up his mind on the ruling that the suitors must die or leave, as he says while negatively conversing with the suitors as the atmosphere turns into one of a battle:“You dogs! you never…

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