Analysis Of ' I Think This Man ' The Postmaster ' Essay

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“I think this man, the postmaster, is describing Lacey’s husband, Francois Dumas. He was a Creole and from all accounts a dandy. Lacey spoke of him in her journal, and she didn’t like him at all. She said he was an unsavory character with a dark side. I bet he was the man killed on the landing.”
“Your ancestor married a man with a vicious streak and then left him for Sean. Did she not think he would come looking for her?”
“She probably hoped he would let her go. It is obvious Francois didn’t give up. Lacey was lucky she and Patrick were in Atlanta, or they might have died along with Sean.”
“Did the Postmaster say anything else?”
“No, just what I read to you. I found the letter tucked away in a private compartment in this desk. Sean probably didn’t want to alarm Lacey, so he hid the letter in his desk. I was lucky that I found it. I was about to give up hope. If I hadn’t touched that knob, it would have remained a secret.”
“You know what this means, don’t you?”
She looked perplexed. “No. What?”
“We’re going on a road trip to New Orleans.”
“Why there?”
“I find it’s always best to start from the beginning when establishing guilt. That is where Sean and Larissa met. Therefore, that’s where we should begin. We can retrace their steps back here to Madison. I also think it would be good for us to spend some time together just having fun and New Orleans is a party city. “Laissez les bon temps rouler.” “Let the good times roll.”
“You could be right.” Thinking about last night’s…

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