Analysis Of Ivan Pavlov 's Classical Conditioning Essay

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Described by Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning, Victor sat with the African American peers during the the pre-conditioning phase of learning. Through classical conditioning, Victor learned by association with popular friends, that this was unacceptable.(Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canada, 2012) The unconditioned stimulus, Victor sitting down with this particular group, caused an unconditioned response, or natural reaction which were the strange looks given by the African American students, as well as his new friends coming over to tell him that he should not sit with them. During the conditioning phase,Victor sitting down at what his peers perceived to be an inappropriate table, is now the conditioned stimulus. While in this phase, in it was necessary for Victor to sit or interact with the unliked racial group on a number of occasions for him to learn that any interaction with African American peers is not acceptable. During the post-conditioning phase, the inappropriate racial interactions has created a conditioned response, which is the immediate dismissal and assumably racial tension between the two racial cliques.
Important principles to consider during Victor’s classical conditioning in this case include: Extinction, generalization, and spontaneous recovery. (McLeod, S. A., 2014) In order for extinction, or the dying out of the racial tension between the groups of peers at school to occur, there must be mandatory mediation meetings, or rules establishing freedom to…

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