Analysis Of Jermaine 's Psychology Professor Essay

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Jermaine’s Psychology Professor Essay
A professor of psychology at a university in a large metropolitan area would be at risk of violating several codes of ethics if he tells his abnormal psychology class that he is a psychotherapist in private practice and that they can come to him for therapy during the duration of the semester. Several problems can occur as a result of the professor’s solicitation of his service as a psychotherapist to his students (5.6, American Psychological Association, 2002). By assuming two professional roles with his students the professor is clearly engaged in multiple relationships (3.5, American Psychological Association, 2002). The students are at risk of being exploited by their professor. The professor has knowledge of his student’s deepest thoughts, emotions, and personal experiences. This personal information can be used to manipulate the student’s behavior in a classroom setting (3.8, American Psychological Association, 2002). For example, if the professor is aware of a student’s fear of public speaking the professor can possibly use this information to punish the student. The students may also feel that their therapy session influences the outcome of their psychology class. The students may feel that they received a bad grade or a good grade because of the outcome of their therapy session. This creates pressure for the students to regulate their therapy session in accordance to what they think will affect their grade in class.…

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