Analysis Of Legend Of Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving Essay

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In, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving highlights a viable arrangement of starvation pictures that starts with his long portrayal of the emaciated, haggard Ichabod and reaches out to the practically physical yearning that his hero feels when he sees the rich produce of Van Tassel 's territory. Irving utilizes imagery, tone, and symbol to suit the equally mixed story line and underlying concept in this story. The author of this short story creates a mysterious and suspenseful tone which leads the reader to haunted journey. Washington Irving utilized greed as to be the main theme throughout the story; Ichabod wants to marry Katrina out of his lust for money and power, not love.
Imagery described by the author is a very powerful verdict and the reader can sense the way of talking of the author. Irving describes the main character in a sarcastic way and gives much more details of him in a compact imagery. The example of imagery adds to the tone, facetious, because the way he worded it makes it seem as though he was over misrepresentation and being a bit sarcastic at some points. He also has a little bit of humor in the example by saying "...looks like a weather-cock, perched upon his spindle neck, to tell which way the wind blew (Irving para.9 )." The author compared him with a weather-cock in the matter of fact that his nose was screwy and it seems like it was just sitting on his skinny neck. "Which is one of the quietest places in the whole world. A small brook glides…

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